Friday, May 26, 2017 - Two Captured Go-Go Boys

Go-Go dancers from the famous gay night club were captured together. During last night they met a stranger who arranged them a meeting in the cafe. Being waiting for the stranger, they were captured, tied down and prepared for the pain and humiliation...
Masters decided to make the sexual slaves from them. But this is the long way to achieve the total submissiveness. The first steps on this way the guys will pass in turn, one by one. Masters will make them sweat from real pain!
With each passing day, the tortures for the Go-Go boys will become more and more excruciating.
After the days, that Go-Go Boys spent in our captivity under constant tortures, they’ll be more or less submissive and ready for the next stage of will deprivation and humiliation - forced nudity for the pleasure of the Masters.

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