Thursday, June 8, 2017 - Jackin' Jax: Uncut 9" Donkey Dong Blue Collar Ripped Roofer, Works Out, Poses, Pees & Busts a Big Load!

Uncut 9" Monster Cock Jackin' Jax, is a ripped All American construction worker / roofer with a 8-pack of abs, a tight hairless upper body and smooth muscle butt, who flops his massive uncut cock out of his blue jeans stroking, lifts weights fully nude with a throbbing 9" hardon, bends over to clean the banister of the deck wearing only pink gloves with his big balls dangling between his smooth thighs revealing his pink virgin hole, pisses in a bright orange bucket, tugs on his fantastic foreskin repeatedly, before sitting down for a long jerk off session and busts a big load of man juice all over himself for the first time on camera in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs! Lean. ripped and smooth, Jax is a total blue collar Pacific Northwest fantasy boy toy with impress man meat! This sexy uncut 9" soft spoken horny Roofer with fantastic foreskin covering his thick mushroom head is smooth everywhere, except a full bush of untrimmed dick hair that surrounds his giant hairy balls and big fat swollen dick! Check out the size of his big Balls! Watch Jackin' Jax, 28, 6", 160 lbs, flop his GIANT Uncut 9" furry dick out of this jeans and grey underwear and begin stroking his big dick as he talks about the curvy, short, petite women he likes to pleasure with his Monster Meat! This polite, reserved, ripped lean mountain man from Modesto, California is part Native American. He reveals that he learned he had a BIG DICK at the age of 13! He really enjoys showing off his ample foreskin, stretching and pulling on it as his slow strokes his beautiful LONG 9" DONKEY DONG. Check out his smooth creamy white virgin construction worker butt! Jax turns to the camera and takes a long piss. Piss Lovers Alert: Jackin' Jax aims for a bright orange 5 gallon bucket on the deck and releases a solid stream of pee! Listen to the sound of his powerful piss slash around the bucket and onto the deck as he pees. This rough and rugged roofer is hung like a donkey and pisses like one too! Check out his narrow athletic waist, great pecs, ripped washboard belly as he strokes his big fat uncut 9" cock standing beside the Oregon forest on a cool spring day in the mountains. "I've never worked out naked before," he says with a smile as he stands fully naked with a full erection and begins to pump iron outside in the sun. We get great view of Jackin' Jax's marble butt cheeks and donkey dong as he bends over and lifts the barbells off the deck. His heavy balls hang between this man butt cheeks. In Island Studs Naked Worker Series, I put sexy blue collar Jax, to work cleaning mold off the banister of the deck. Watch as he squats and spreads his legs wide open revealing his virgin pink butthole for us all to see. Listen to Jax talk to us about his love of the rivers, mountains and snow in the Pacific Northwest. See him work on his hands and knees wearing only pink rubber gloves, with his fine ass facing our cameras! His big dick and heavy ball sac are always in perfect view! Single and horny from all his jerking during the shoot, Jax sits down on the sofa inside and begins a long slow stroke session! Watch as he slowly plays with his big mushroom head and heavy ball sac as his drips cum from his wide open dick slit. Horny Jax, totally enjoys putting on a show for us. He pulls and stretches his ample foreskin again and again as he masterbates! Listen to this sexy blue collar boy moan as he release thick gobs of man juice. Cum blasts out of this uncut mushroom head and lands all over the sofa and carpet between his bare feet! Jizz covered Jax grips his red hot throbbing dick and poses for more photos! What a treat to see a real blue collar man, pleasure himself and talk to us for the very first time on camera! Jax walks to the shower room holding his throbber and STILL DRIPPING CUM. His hot soapy indoor shower scene is NOT TO BE MISSED. Watch as Jax slowly lathers his long donkey dong, ripped abs, white marble ass crack! He opens his smooth boy butt and inserts his soapy hand to clean out his dirty hole. If you like rugged, blue collar construction workers with tight ripped athletic bodies, a full bush and soft voice, Jackin' Jax and is Massive Uncut 9' cock will excite you! This straight, ripped, 28 year old with the monster dick and big balls is so fun to watch working and jerking off for the first time on camera in Beautiful Oregon for Island Studs! Join Now! Instant Access!

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