Thursday, June 15, 2017

MY FRIENDS FEET - Nito Hypnotized & Tickled To Orgasm

Nito wanted to get together for a shoot and we decided another hypnosis session would be fun. With a simple hypnotic induction I soon had Nito under my control. With my 'voodoo doll' of him, I used a feather to tickle different parts of his body and I made Nito strip naked while thinking that all his clothes were making him itch. His cock was already hardening but when I strapped him in the tickling chair for some actual tickling I made it so the more he was tickled the hornier he got - until he shot his load. But the hypno-torment didn't stop there. Convinced that his ticklishness was greater than normal I tickled him post-cum until he just couldn't take it any more.

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