Saturday, June 10, 2017

Men who are tall with big dicks will always be cock-of-the-walk in jail. No one can miss them and in the showers they get all the attention. Soon they have lines of jail bent cunts who miss their wives, queuing up to suck cock and have their arses dipped into. Inevitably this goes to the alpha-male's head. Problem is they haven't the brains to alter their behaviour when they are dealing with officers or fellow lags!
This dirty cunt wouldn't normally have so much eager mouth and arse throwing itself at him but inside he can't bat off jail-bent clart with a shitty stick. His length is much in demand. The screws have had enough and although they reckon he's not stupid enough to stash skunk up his arse they aren't taking any chances and drag him to a grubby room near the gardens. Here he will have the intimate physical examination he's been avoiding since he was binned. Watch how he tries his best to keep his precious cock from dangling in the dirt. Once the trousers are yanked off and his bum exposed he's much more subdued.

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