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    July 17, 2017

    At, we've a very special treat for you. Some time ago we dominated strapping blonde straight lad Khaled. Here is a never-before-scene video where we train the masculine bastard in how to worship us and act like a proper slag. With his pert manly arse pointed in the air we drive his face into the grimy floor and bathe our shoes with his trembling tongue. We make him suck our cocks and lick our arseholes while flogging his manly rump. His whimpers and screams only make our dicks harder. While his eyes are scrunched shut and his mouth is hard at work, Dave binds his cock and balls to his toes stretching them to breaking point. Every time he jerks his feet he causes himself a sharp pain in the balls. That pristine arsehole of his has been winking up at us. Reuben stretches it wide open by filling his arse with a perspex butt plug that makes the stupid straight cunt howl. He's warned not to push it out or there will be hell to pay! Khaled is left crushing his tears into the floor with his body smarting all over, a pathetic naked wreck.

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