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  • July 12, 2017

    GuysinSweatpants - KADEN'S AUDITION

    This is Kaden's first time in front of the
    camera, and how lucky is he that he gets to take Clark's huge cock during
    it? Kaden's a normal Texas boy, but with exhibitionist side to him. He had
    always wanted to do porn, and after putting on some weight in the gym
    (which we talk about in the video) this was his perfect time. He's a little
    timid at first, but after asking Clark if he can kiss him, there was no
    holding either of them back. Clark loves sex, and the chemistry between
    these two makes this sex that much better. After sucking each other's
    cocks, Clark threw Kaden's legs over, lubed up his big dick, and slid it in
    to the balls. The big smile on Kaden's face as Clark is pounding away at
    his hole says it all! Clark literally pounded the cum out of Kaden before
    pulling out, blowing his load, then using his own cum to keep fucking!

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