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  • July 28, 2017

    Island Studs - Bodybuilder Baker is Back! - Thick 8" Bearded Muscle Butt Hunk Fingers Gaping Hole, Pumps Iron & Pees In Oregon!

    Popular Bodybuilder Baker is back again showing off his Massive Ripped body, fat 8" cock, chucky muscle butt, rock hard abs as he lifts weights outside, pees, opens and fingers his 100% gaping man hole, before stretching his big heavy ball sack as he milks a BIG Load from is Red Hot Cock in this hot new Exclusive video from Island Studs. This is the third time horny this Straight Muscle Daddy is filmed naked on camera exercising, posing, flexing, pumping iron and jerking off, proudly showing us his awesome 8" Rock Hard cock and heavy nut play. If you messed his HOT SEXY Duo with Tall Lumberjack Bain, or his first nasty Jerk Off solo, check them all out online NOW at IslandStuds! Feast your eyes on every inch of this sexy Straight Hunk's thick Blue Collar naked ripped body as he strokes his fat dong and stretches his nut sack while still wearing his sexy red underwear! Underwear lovers will enjoy watching this muscle jock stroking his massive meat as it hangs out of his sexy panties. This new video of Bodybuilder Baker is a spontaneous behind the scenes conversation and dirty nasty stroke session with masculine Baker. What an amazing big muscle butt on this ripped Bodybuilder! This video shows Baker's nasty side. Watch as he puts down his bar bells and grabs his ass cheeks and opens them for our camera! "Do you like GAPING Holes?", Baker asks with a smile, as he looks back at us and sticks his dirty construction worker finger inside his man hole! There is so much ass play in Baker's second video for Island Studs. What and ASS! At 29 years old, 5'8" and a solid 185 lbs, this is a real life blue collar Muscle Fantasy Man. Big Daddy Baker spends many hours a week working out in the gym and jerking off after. What must his wife think! Imagine this thick bodybuilder as your own personal trainer! What a Muscle Daddy fantasy! Check out Baker's thick biceps and strong upper back bulge as he lifts the weights and sweats - outdoors in the sun fully nude and rock hard! All eyes are on his massive muscle butt as he bends over pumping iron revealing his smooth bright pink hairy Manhole again and again. Wow! After his sweaty work out and gaping hole sessions, Big Baker sits on a chair beside the forest and begins to jerks off! This Muscle Daddy really enjoys manhandling and stretching his Big Balls and 8" cock while he masturbates. Listen to sexy Blue Collar Baker talk about his wife and sex as he strokes his throbber in this intimate nasty scene. Baker looks mean and moans loudly as he shoots thick white man juice all over his hands and smooth ripped abs. His hand gets covered with his warm white cum as he smiles into the camera! Big Baker's hot soapy outdoor shower and piss scene is NOT TO BE MISSED. Watch as he lathers up his swollen cock and ass crack with soap. He opens his muscle butt once again to clean his dirty manhole in the shower with his dick still hard! Watch as bright yellow piss sprays out of his cock, splashing around his feet as he releases his pee juice! Big Baker smiles at the camera as he pees. Piss splashes all over his feet in the tile shower room! Yes! Big Bodybuilder Baker is our favorite Muscle Jock and blue collar Construction worker in this is second video for Island Studs! Lovers of Big Fat 8" Daddy dick and on a real rough Ripped Powerful jocks will appreciate this new film. Get naked and wet with this REAL Oregon Mountain Man, Muscle Jock Barker, and his throbbing 8" cock! Join Today to see all the unedited nasty action! Instant Access Today!

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