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  • July 7, 2017

    Island Studs - Shorty is Back! Little Muscle Daddy Pumps Iron, Pees, Opens his Manhole Twice and Busts Creamy Loads in the Kitchen!

    Little Muscle Daddy Shorty is back!, After 3 year of working on a oil rig in Texas, this tiny 5'5", 135lbs, 38 year old Dad with a naturally smooth tight compact body returns to Hawaii riding his skateboard to this new photo shoot to show off his firm skater bubble butt, both in sexy underwear and nude as he works out by the beach on a exercise ball and with weights, jerks his rigid cock and grabs his heavy ball sack while sitting on the large rubber workout ball, pees in the shower, cooks fully naked and hard in the kitchen, confidently spreads his pink man hole wide open two times, before busting a loud creamy load on the kitchen floor in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. Sexy Shorty arrived for this, his second video for Island Studs on his long board from Waikiki, all sweaty wearing a black muscle shirt, black shorts and DC skater shoes! This little Muscle Daddy is hot both in and out of his clothes. Listen to him explain how his got his name from years playing Football in College as the shortest guy on the Football team! If you like compact smooth tight muscle bodies with 8-pack of abs and a round smooth Daddy Bubble Butt, Shorty is your man. This friendly, polite, baby-faced, ex-con now works as the chief Maintenance Man at a large Mall in Honolulu. Imagine seeing Little Shorty mopping up the Men's Restroom fully nude at the Mall! Watch as Shorty flops his cock out of his underwear outside as he poses with his giant long skate board which is half his size! Watch as he playfully pulls down his sexy tight red underwear and moons the camera, still holding his board! An avid gym rat, this ripped muscle Dad put on a show by the beach working out with a large exercise ball and heavy weights under the palm trees. Once inside, horny Shorty strokes his cock to a full erection and continues his sweaty nudist workout routine fully hard! For the popular Island Studs, Naked Worker Series, I put this Pint Size Muscle Man to work in the kitchen preparing vegetable soup for our post photoshoot lunch together. Shorty playfully holds two large carrots down to his crotch comparing the vegetables to his own cock! Little Shorty is fun to spend time with! And seeing his naked muscle body working in the kitchen is everyone's House Boy Fantasy. Listen to him tell stories as his diligently chops up veggies to add to soup! This is the first time Sexy Shorty has cooked naked. Totally turned on by our cameras, Shorty puts down the kitchen knife, turns his back to the camera and raises one leg, putting his knee and bare foot on the kitchen counter. Watch as he grabs his smooth firm ass cheeks with his little hands and spreads his ass wide open! The camera zooms in to get a close up of Shorty's pink open manhole! Wow! What a great view! Once our naked lunch is prepared, all captured on video in this new film, horny Shorty sits down next to the stove and begins to beat his man meat. He has a beautiful fat Daddy Dick that gets wider at the base of his cleanly shaved crotch. Fast and furiously, Muscle Daddy Short manhandles his rock hard cock and balls as he spreads his legs wide open! "Can I stand up to cum?", Shorty asks politely with a smile on his baby face. Look at the intense jerk off show our Muscle Daddy puts on once standing up fully naked in the kitchen! His face becomes flush red as he beats his meat with pleasure! Listen to Shorty moan loudly as his cock releases stream after stream of baby juice! The kitchen floors gets coated with loads of creamy white man cum! Feeling sexy and still horny, Shorty jumps in the shower to clean up. Watch as he lathers up his entire body with soapy suds! Once again, Shorty turns his amazing man butt to the camera and spreads his ass WIDE OPEN in the shower! He even plays with his soapy butt hole! But wait, there is more! Watch as Sexy Short releases a pee in the shower. Yellow piss blasts out of your wet cock and splashes all over his bare feet in the shower! This is one hot shower scene! We are so pleased Little Muscle Daddy Shorty has returned to Hawaii and is back in action on Island Studs in this his second sexy jerk off video! Join Today to see all the Skater Daddy action. Instant Access NOW!

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