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  • July 18, 2017


    This was such a cute
    and sexy video to shoot. We introduced Archer to Levi and the chemistry
    was instantaneous. Archer was itching to fuck Levi with his big fat cock
    and once Levi saw Archer’s big cock, he decided that maybe he should
    top Archer, lol. Hunter and I left it up to them to work out who would
    top. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day, so we took the boys for a naked
    hike in the woods. These little nudists loved being naked in the woods and
    got right to making out, sucking cock, and eating each other’s asses
    up against a tree. We took them back to our cabin for some hard-core
    fucking. Hunter was so turned on that had to eat Archer’s hairy hole
    as he topped Levi. The cum shots were so explosive that Archer needed eye
    drops to clear the cum out of his eyes.

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