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  • July 19, 2017

    Jack is an experienced performer so we are curious about where his filthy mind goes. What would be his ideal porn film? We quiz him about the action which will turn him on and then do exactly that. Dave starts with some deep tongue kissing and strips Jack down to display his hot young body. This boy has a pert delicious arse which Dave gets a handful of while grinding against him. Down on his knees he proves what an eager cock sucker he is and works his best deep throat action. Dave spends a long time lapping at Jack’s hole which goes very looks and eager with some gentle rimming, preparing him for a deep hard fuck. Jack proves what a nasty top he can be in return drilling his dick into Dave while spewing a stream of verbal humiliation. Dave has an instant horny connection with Jack as the pair get each other off. They finish covering each other’s tongues and faces with spunk. Watch these two work up a lot of sweat!

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