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  • July 22, 2017

    UK Naked Men - Joel Vargas & Bastian Karim

    Oh just how cute is this coupling, cute as a button - Bastian Karim - offering up his sweet, sweet hole to big, burly bugger - Joel Vargas. Bastian is a hungry show off and a pushy bottom, as inexperienced as he may be this boy LUVS, like really luvs a good hard dicking. Joel is as handsome, tall and study as ever and as ways is revved up and ready for some boy-hole. Bastian's from a strict family so this man-on-man action has the extra spice of 'sin' - just watch as Bastian surrenders completely to a hard, hard fucking. Joel lies back and lets the cute Arabic lad 'go to work' on his already throbbing, uncut dick and then the cute hunk lowers himself onto it, relishing the exquisite rippling stretch of his sphincter, stretching and accepting the foreign b! ody. Its a fast and furious fuck with boys, getting their fill and squirting out copious amounts of steaming, salty jizz!

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