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  • August 21, 2017

    BOY FEAST - Jacobey London, Zachary Stevens & Logan Shepard The Sweet Twink Is Easily Fooled!

    Handsome jock boy Jacobey and his young buddy Zachary have a devious plan to get some tight young twink ass in this 4K video. The boys set up the scene and convince innocent young Logan to follow the stuffed bear's instructions before they arrive in the bedroom to find him obediently naked and blindfolded. He's their plaything, and he doesn't seem to mind as the mysterious arrivals suck his cock, feed him theirs and proceed to slide their naked dicks into his perfect little hole one after the other, sharing him between them! When the blindfold slips and he see's the two he's enjoying so much pleasure with, he doesn't skip a beat. Watch him being given two juicy loads by the final moments!

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