Friday, August 4, 2017

GuysinSweatpants - AUSTIN FUCKS CLARK

This long awaited video is finally here,
and it does NOT disappoint! What else are two guys to do after a long day
of playing in the woods than to go home and have hot, sweaty, bareback sex?
You'll never again see a bottom getting fucked with a huge dick who smiles
as much as Clark does in this entire video. The sexual tension between
these was obviously, and it exploded on camera. The only lube they used was
from Austin's face buried in Clark's hole, and then Austin's cum after he
came inside him...the first time. After Austin came the first time, he said
"we're not done though", slipped it back in, and kept fucking. Clark shot
one of his infamous huge loads, and seconds later, Austin blew his second
load deep into Clark's hole.

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