Friday, August 11, 2017


So, we’ve kinda
changed our dirty little tune from Not-in-the-hole-Cole to okay, lets give
it a try and see what all the hubbub is about! This is our very first
breeding video for all you nasty little piggies out there. While
we’ve always been hesitant to show breeding in our vids, the reality
is that more of you are doing it now than ever. As such, we feel obligated
to show you how we responsibly approach breeding. As has always been the
case with us, when fucking condomless (and possibly breeding), it’s
necessary to have an honest dialogue with your partners about testing and
STI status. You can do a google search and in seconds find out about the
free testing clinics in your neighborhood. If you’re gonna breed, you
have to get tested frequently. That said, this is Chase and he is one of
the hottest little pigs that Hunter and I have ever met. Since this is a
special vid for us, we took Chase to a very special place; The Rainbow
Mountain Resort in the Poconos. Hit us up if you want more info on the
campground as we’ve become friendly with the owners and we plan to go
back again soon this summer.

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