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  • November 30, 2017

    Island Studs - Surfer Jeffrey - Hung Smooth Twink Swims, Pees, Shows Hole, Busts a Load Wearing a Flower Lei on his Fat Throbber

    Surfer Jeffrey, is a super cute 19 year old horny young twink, fresh outta High School, with a thick bush of untrimmed dick hair who enjoys walking around the property fully hard with with a Hawaiian Flower Lei around his fat boner, spreads his sweet smooth surfer butt WIDE OPEN while floating naked on a raft in the pool, takes a long piss in the garden while holding his board, flexes and poses with his boogie board, skinny dips underwater and shows in pink hole a second time, before busting a big creamy load of boy juice on the lawn between his bare-feet while wearing a Hawaiian Lei around throbbing cum covered cock in this Exclusive New Video from Island Studs. Island Studs' underwater SPORTS ACTION CAM follows this sexy surf twink Jeffrey UNDERWATER as he plays, swims like a fish, holds his breath and then grabs his butt cheeks and spreads them wide open again, this time under water, revealing his bright pink hole for a second time. This video is full of intimate footage of soft spoken Jeffrey's sweet laid back Hawaiian surfer boy personality and sexy smooth body! Check out his big friendly smile, bright blue eyes, totally hairless young athletic body and smooth white ass cheeks. This Colorado Springs native moved to Hawaii with his mom and dad when he was just 4 years old! Listen to him recount, with excitement, his first impresses of the Hawaiian Islands when he was just a toddler! He started surfing at the age 5! Horny Jeffrey confesses to being a little nervous about jerking off, for this, his first ever 'professional' photo shoot. But he is loves being in front of the camera! He proudly exclaims he has been sending girls his cock shots since middle school! Watch as Jeffrey strips out of his surf shorts and starts to stroke his furry boy dick with one hand and his very own surfboard in his other hand! It is so hot to watch a REAL HAWAIIAN SURFER boy stroke his cock with his surfboard by his side! Jeffrey is all smiles as he clearly enjoys showing his cock and athletic body for the camera! This hot smooth twink is a real exhibitionist! "Can I pee", polite Jeffrey asks, still holding his board. With permission, Jeffrey takes a power piss on the lawn holding his cock with one hand and keeping the surfboard in his other. He has clearly done his at beaches before. Bright yellow pee blasts out of his cock as he smiles and me and the camera. After the pee stops dripping from his cock, I toss sweet Jeffrey two Hawaiian Floral Leis: one for this neck and one to wrap around his throbbing red hot cock! Gleefully he places one on his shoulders and the other around is thick boner. These moments and photos of Jeffrey with a Lei around his cock are priceless! Surfer Jeffrey, 19. 5'11, and a very slight, 140 lbs, gets turned on by having a cock ring lei around his cock. Watch as he continues stroking with excitement! Fully Lei-ed, this sweet friendly twink takes a long walk through the garden to the pool and jumps in! He climbs up on a pool raft and falls asleep in the sun. The camera glides around his tight body as he naps. Watch as he flips over to tan is white ass and grabs is firm ass cheeks with both boy hands and spreads them open. His smooth wet pink butt hole glistens in the sun! An avid swimmer, Jeffrey jumps off his raft and into the water fully nude.The Island Studs Exclusive SPORTS ACTION CAM goes into the pool and underwater with this sexy young surfer boy! The Sports Action Cam films between Jeffrey smooth thighs underwater, as this sexy athlete plays and skinny dips underwater. Seeing his sweet body underwater is a treasure! The underwater footage of this new young lad swimming and walking around UNDERWATER with his Dick bobbing is NOT TO BE MISSED! Surfer Jeffrey is even more sexy underwater than on dry land! Boy Butt Hole Lovers should NOT miss this film. Before he exits the pool, Jeffrey treats us to another butt garb - this time totally underwater! We get a second amazing shot of Jeffrey holding his ass cheeks wide open and his sweet boy butt hole surrounded by the warm clear water of the swimming pool! What a great sight- pink and white! After drying off beside the pool, Jeffrey brings his surfboard back into the garden, sits in a lawn chair and begins to stroke his cock in the bright sun. Watching this playful 19 year old stroke his Rock Hard throbbing cock and manhandling his big smooth ball sack is not to be missed! Watch as he places the Hawaiian flower lei back around his cock and shoulders and continues to jerk off. It is obvious, the tight flower Lei around his cock gets this horny lad even more excited. He shoots LOAD after LOAD of creamy boy juice all over the lawn between his bare-feet. This Island Stud is a BIG CUMMER! Jeffrey completely coats the grass with cum! Watch his rock hard jizz covered dick bounce around as he walks to the garden hose to take a SEXY OUTDOOR shower! Still hard, this wonderful sexy boy holds the garden hose over his head and sprays himself. Seeing Jeffrey soap up his HOT BODY in the garden outside in the sun is so sexy! He even soaps up his awesome bubble butt for us all to see! We are so pleased that Surfer Boy Jeffrey arrived in Hawaii with his family years ago! Horny Twink Jeffrey is our favorite new smooth Hawaiian Surfer Boy on Island Studs! Enjoy this special newcomer! Join Today for Instant Access.

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