Saturday, November 4, 2017


As Mikey Junior and Eric Turner study for their exam, Mikey can tell Eric is spaced out and bumming. Prodding, Mikey finds out that Eric is worried about a girl he's seeing. It turns out that Eric is a virgin and he's afraid of how he'll perform, namely, that he'll cum too soon. Mikey laughs and tells Eric they'll get to the bottom of this together. Eric doesn't know what Mikey means, but moments later, as Mikey is going down on him, he gets the idea. Eric never thought his first would be a guy, but as Mikey deep throats his cock and Eric gets an involuntary hard on, he decides to just go with it. Mikey stays in control, telling Eric to close his eyes as he mounts his buddy's cock, slowly grinding on him reverse as Eric gets acclimated. Confident that Eric has found his stroke, Mikey tells him to bend him over and have his way, and Eric does as he's instructed, pounding Mikey from behind and swelling up in the tip of his dick. Ready to spit his load, Eric watches Mikey jizz all over himself, and as he lay there cum coated, he tells Eric it's time for him to shoot. Eric pulls out and douses Mikey with his first load, and Mikey tells him he's got nothing to worry about.Enjoy!

Actors : Mikey Junior, Eric Turner

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Jordan is a tall sexy man with amazing skin. His skin is extremely smooth and tanned to perfection. His ripped body tells a story of a man who takes care of his body in every way possible. Jordan strokes his cock as if he was at home on his own couch. He is in the zone and completely comfortable while he plays with his balls and masturbates for all to see. Jordan lies out on the couch for the finale stroke as his balls are ready to explode his big creamy nut. He calls out to Claude to give him a heads up and soon after we have a great stream of cum shooting out of Jordan's hard throbbing cock and landing all over his sexy abs. Enjoy!

Actors : Jordan III

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Hot pornstar Zack's number one fan has lost his mind. His love turned into hate after Zack stopped replying to his harassment messages... Pascal, the owner of Maskurbate, let Zack know that the 49 y.o. known as Etienne, found his address. Our muscled stud is not worried, he knows how to defend himself. Etienne executed his plan to disguise himself, enter Zack's home and worship his body during his sleep. He didn't expect Zack to wake up but when he did, he hides in the wardrobe. Zack saw him. He texted Pascal: ' He is here in the wardrobe. I'm going to give him quite a show'. Acting like he didn't saw Etienne, he started jerking his cock in front of him. As kinky as it looks, this was a really bad idea. How will this end? How will Etienne react? Will Zack face the crazy intruder?

Actors : Zack Lemec

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SPRITZZ - On-Call Cock, Balls And Hole

Sub slut Tony Hall knows exactly what he is looking for – a macho, big-dicked bro who can take care of all his needs. A quick phone-around is all it takes before a ripped muscle god has arrived on his doorstep, promising to take care of the on-call cock swinging between his legs. There’s nothing like getting a big, juicy piece of cock pushed into your head and knowing that you are going to have to pleasure it until it finally pumps litre of hot, slimy sperm over your body.

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Deviant Otter - RENTING HIS HOLE

As you are all aware, I’m always
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over his head, then slammed my cock back in his hole….and then
continued to fuck him again until I worked up a second load. I’m not
satisfied until my junk is completely depleted.

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