Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cockyboys - Alex Mecum & Taylor Reign

Taylor Reign just knew that if he and Alex Mecum got together they would have an amazing, passionate scene...and he's right! They ARE eager for this but they also want it to last. They make out slowly and sensuously and soon Taylor's mouth finds another long-anticipated target: Alex's sculpted hairy pecs and responsive nipples. This raises the level of Alex's desire and he lays Taylor back so he can slowly kiss his way down his smooth torso, pull off his pants and reveal a cock so hard that Taylor's jockstrap can't contain it. A subtly giddy Alex teases the head with his mouth but quickly takes it all out to enjoy its turgid goodness.

While taking the time to deeply kiss Taylor and hump his crotch, Alex moves back between his legs and his rigid cock. Even in the throes of pleasure Taylor isn't the type to just lie back and enjoy the ride. He takes Alex's hand and sucks on his long manly fingers in anticipation of something more substantial. Alex pulls off his shorts and presents his hard cock and big balls above the elastic waist of his jock strap. In no time he's face fucking Taylor and kneeling above him as his balls get a tongue bath and his nipples get tweaked. An excited Alex flips Taylor, tugs his jock down a little and laps his crack and hole, priming him for cock.

At first Alex teases Taylor, then slides all the way in, slowly so he feels every inch. Alex pounds Taylor using all of his agile, limber body with his muscular power and strength behind every deep thrust. He finally slips off Taylor's jock strap and flips him on his back to hump him before removing his own jock strap to resume his deep power-fucking. In time Alex rolls Taylor on his side and goes in deep again, jerking his cock closer to the edge. Taylor takes his own cock and jacks himself until he intensely pumps out a thick load over himself. Alex follows up with a long-lasting geyser landing all over Taylor's body. Glistening with sweat Alex admits he's had his workout for the day. A breathless Taylor might agree but he can barely utter "Fuck that was hot" before they kiss again.

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Island Studs - Hung Johann is Back! 8" German Muscle Boy Surfs Naked, Pees & Blows TWO Big Loads on the Beach in Hawaii!

Big Dick Surfer Johann is back, showing off his amazing smooth body and bubble butt, 8 pack of ripped abs and rock hard 8" long dong as he walks around his favorite surf beach in Hawaii fully naked, poses and flexes with his long board, then enters the waves for a naked surf session, before busting 2 Big creamy loads in the dunes with his bare feet in the sand in this Exclusive video from Island Studs. This is Johann's FIRST TIME surfing naked on a public beach. Watch how much he enjoys being free and naked in the sun and surf in our tropical paradise. Fans of this ripped German exchange student pervious video on Island Studs, love seeing him stroke his BIG 8" perfectly formed European cock and showing off his athletic college jock smooth muscle butt! Polite and soft spoken with a sexy German accent, Johann loves showing off his beautiful LONG COCK & ripped bulging muscles out in public on a popular surf beach! Wow - this German is not shy naked outdoors! We met Johann camping at a breezy, sunny tropical Hawaiian beach. Watch him smile with excitement as he strips off his board shorts to reveal his white athletic thighs and surfer boy butt! Johann's big 8" cock dangles between his creamy white hairless thighs as he struts around the beach with a FULL ERECTION! Like our other nudist surfers on Island Studs, we see Johann flexing and posing with his board before paddling out in the warm blue water with his perky white ass sticking out on the water in the sun. Look at his fine white bootie as he paddles out on his surfboard to catch some waves FULLY NUDE! Watch as he spreads his legs wide and exposes his beautiful open butt cheeks and big German balls in the water. After his surf session he poses naked on the beach with his board in the hot Hawaiian sun dripping wet. His BIG board is always by his side as he jerks his 8" German cock. This second video with sexy twink Johann is even more revealing than his first film. Watch Johann take a BIG PISS right on the beach! His long German dong sprays yellow pee ALL OVER the bushes next to his surfboard. Horny Johann sits down on a chair beside his camping tent and starts jerking off in the breeze! He smiles several times directly into the camera, clearly enjoying being watched by us all! Johann really puts on a show, stroking his big throbbing cock and balls with both hands. He needs two hands to grab such a big German sausage! Just like in his FIRST VIDEO, Johann BUSTS TWO NUTS: one after the other! We have NEVER SEEN anyone shoot so much pre-cum as Johann. His pre-cum is like a CUM SHOT! Cum lover's will delight in the volume of gooey and sticky pre-jizz that explodes out of Johann's hard cock BEFORE he actually shoots even a Bigger Load a second time! It is UNBELIEVABLE! Seconds later, with pre-cum covering his cock and balls, our popular Island Stud Johann moans loudly, closes his eyes in ecstasy and releases a fountain of MORE CUM! Wow, what a massive load of boy juice sprayed all over his body and the sand between is salty feet! We have yet to photograph a young lad who shoots more cum than Johann? Join today and see this sweet German Student bust two loads on the beach! Johann is one of the sexiest nudist tourist boys we have photographed on The Islands. This smooth European college jock with the beautiful big 8" cock shoots loads of BOTH pre-cum and cum. He is not to be missed! We love German exchange students in America! Enjoy sexy Johann! Instant Access Now! Join today!

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My cable company sent a technician to my house to fix a low signal issue. He is so sexy, so handsome & muscular, I cannot keep my eyes off him. I wish I could see what he looks like naked. I bet he is spectacular. I've hidden an adult toy behind the tv to see how he would react. Here's how it went...

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