Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Jared cums all over Connor’s chest while the boy is displayed on the cross, then Connor pumps out his own load of cum, hoping to avoid crucifixion.

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UKNAKEDMEN - Jamie Oliver & Joel Vargas

I can usually pick a personal favourite from a duo but this sexy pair are just so handsome, great to shoot with and both have so many winning attributes - handsome, ripped, tanned, hung, and of course uncut. And the creamy cherry on this sticky cake - they wanna fuck bareback - YUM. Stunning blonde Jamie Oliver - no relation! is on his knees in a jiffy, getting his lips around and his tongue under Joel Vargas' tight, but juicy foreskin. But Joel is quick to return the favour, making sure he gets his tongue right under Jamie's foreskin and playing his 'banjo string' like a tongue harp. Jamie is living proof that blondes have slightly more fun, as he lifts his leg ready for Joel compress the head of his stiff, raw dick to the aching, wet entrance to his fuck-hole. This boy wants some raw dick and loads, how could we say no to such a handsome face! As soon as his arse muscles have relaxed around Joe's throbbing, hot member he pushes back to open his hole and surrender it completely to Joel's thrusting hips!

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When club bros Mikey and Gunner go out to try and score, they end up instead drunkenly passed out on the couch at the end of the evening. When he wakes the next morning, Mikey's still crazy horny, and the bulge in Gunner's pants seems to indicate that he's needing some sexual release as well. Mikey carefully unzips Gunner's pants and feasts his eyes on Gunner's cock, slowly handling it delicately as Gunner stirs awake and watches him out of the corner of his eye. Startling him, Gunner asks him if he wants to suck his cock now that he's sober. Mikey looks confused and Gunner tells Mikey all about the night before, when in a drunken state he proclaimed himself to be horny enough to fuck his bro. Now with the offer right in front of him, Mikey cannot resist, downing Gunner's cock and licking it up and down. Gunner exhales a satisfied moan as Mikey deep throats his hard on, and he stands up to face fuck Mikey even deeper. Mikey proves he knows how to suck a dick, but he's surprised when Gunner offers to return the favor. Still, he jumps at the chance, and Gunner works his shaft before sucking on Mikey's head, working his way down to the balls and tonguing Mikey's hole before standing and telling Mikey to ride him. Mikey does as he's told, mounting Gunner and giving it his all. He takes every inch of Gunner's meat stick and grinds harder and harder, his own hard dick slapping against Gunner's rock hard abs. Gunner lets him ride for a bit before flipping Mikey over and arching his ass to pound him doggy style, pulling out and shoving it back in just to watch the tip of his bareback cock going in and out of such a sweet ass. Mikey and Gunner are both ready to cum, so Gunner flips Mikey over and fucks the cum out of him, he spits it all over his chest as Gunner pulls out blankets his hole with his load. Mikey lay there with the evidence all over him that both guys really need to do this more often.Enjoy!

Actors : Mikey Junior, Gunner

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As Dakota Young strolls the ocean side park, he notices a hunky stranger sitting alone on a park bench. At first, he's not sure if Mark Long is interested, but after Mark playfully gives him the eye, Dakota makes his way over to where Mark is sitting. Moments later, Mark is following Dakota back to his place. Once there, Mark proves timid, having never been with a man. Dakota is ok with that, and he takes the situation into his own hands, stripping Mark of his shorts and exposing his 9' dick. It grows to full tilt as Dakota starts to suck him off, fitting as much of it as he can down his throat before gagging on its massive girth. Mark shoves Dakota's head down further and Dakota takes it all in. Now that Mark is rock hard, Dakota asks him if he'll fuck him hard, and Mark obliges, fucking Dakota all over the living room sofa. Dakota takes this strange dick willingly, feeling every inch of Mark's raw cock with every forceful thrust before losing his load all over himself. As Mark explodes his load all over Dakota's freshly fucked hole, he suddenly gets weird and leaves just as quickly as he came, leaving Dakota to bask in the aftermath of his afternoon affair.Enjoy!

Actors : Mark Long, Dakota Young

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Secret Spa - Jack Hunter | Leo Luckett - DMH - Drill My Hole

Leo’s massage turns X-rated when his wife leaves the room. Will Jack get caught in a compromising position for his new business? Let’s hope so!

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