Monday, November 20, 2017

Dominant young Master Billy returns to violate this worthless runt. He rams his sweaty feet into the lad's mouth and screams abuse at him. Then he orders him onto his all fours and proceeds to plough his fingers up the complaining sub's stretched arsehole! The sub is powerless to prevent this vicious mistreatment.

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Uncut Legends Part 2 - Damien Crosse | Rico Fatale - DMH

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Johnny has a very muscular frame which he keeps in top condition. As his clothes begin to come off you get to feast your eyes on his ripped abs and his very hard cock. This sexy man has some very muscular thighs that are just beautiful to look at it. He doesn't have much hair on his body but he has it where it counts. Johnny has a thick veiny cock that would look great buried deep in one of our vets. Those sexy smooth balls have been built up with all the stroking he has been doing and he finally shoots a huge load all over himself and it just misses his face and instead hits his neck. There is nothing like a creamy cum load all over a beautiful soldier. Enjoy!

Actors : Johnny B II

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