Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, this tattooed leather biker has spent the entire day riding on his chopper with his bum bouncing up and down on the vibrating seat. His balls are pent up with sperm and he's aching for a release as his buddy pumps his stiff cock, his arse gets penetrated by the park keeper's truncheon and he's mauled with kisses by the pervy exhibitionist. The vicar relishes this shameless display and records it all for private use!

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Jason Vario has his pup slave, Gabriel Cross, on a tight leash. Jason wants Gabriel to do everything he says and the pup is more than willing to comply. First up is to worship Jason's massive, uncut cock. Gabriel loves a challenge and spits and sucks as hard as he can, taking the whole monster dick pelvis deep down his throat. When Gabriel gets his master as hard as he can be, Jason throws his pup into a sling and opens his tight ass with a hardcore tongue pounding. The taste of Gabriel's sweet ass makes Jason ready to conquer all that the young stud has to offer. Jason can't resist slamming his fat cock deep into Gabriel's hole and doesn't hold back. Once he's inside the horny pup, he pounds away, letting his big apple balls bang back and forth on Gabriel's wide-open bubble butt. Jason knows he can get even deeper inside Gabriel and bends him over to fuck him doggy style. Jason was right, and once he goes as deep as he can, his sack swells and he's ready to blow. Gabriel wants every drop in his mouth and Jason pulls out to reward his pup with a full face of jizz. Not wanting to disappoint his daddy, Gabriel shows his appreciation by pounding out his own load and blasting his hairy chest with a geyser of cum.

Actors : Gabriel Cross, Jason Vario

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BOYS SMOKING - Patrick Kennedy Smoke & Jizz

Smooth and sexy Patrick Kennedy smokes and strokes his horny cock hauling down one Marlboro Light after another until he uploads his jizz.

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From Here - Max Wilde | Brodie Sinclair - GOM

Brodie Sinclair and Max Wilde worship each other’s thick, hot cocks.

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