Wednesday, November 22, 2017


In the new video at, Michael and Matthew thought all they had to do to help was look after the women's coats. But the randy women grab them and insist they sit with them while they watch the show. The two inexperienced lads don't feel they can refuse, but have no idea just how wound up the ladies are. And when handsome Mr Martin is paraded around on stage, their excitement gets the better of them and they can't keep their hands off the two terrified young men.

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BOYNAPPED - Chris Jansen & David Paw Swinging Boy Splashed With Jizz

How long has it been since we last saw sweet young Chris being used by a dominant lad? Too long for sure. He's back and ready to play, not that he has much of a choice with handsome David. The twink is naked and tied into the swing, his ass right there for fucking. David isn't going to rush things though, he wants to make a delicious meal out of this experience. After some foot fun and exploring the boy's naked body with the pinwheel David gets his mouth between those cheeks, licking out Chris' most tender area, sucking on that cock, then stuffing that twink hole and pounding the boy until floods of cum are ready to be pumped out! Sexy little Chris gets quite the splashing in by the end of it, it's a messy return for the boy.

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The DILF Diaries Part 1 - John Magnum | Beaux Banks - STG

Beaux Banks’ crush on his friend leads him to ask for a mutual jerk off session. Someone agrees, but it’s not his friend…

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