Saturday, November 25, 2017

Just Fuck the Third Wheel - DMH - Jaxton Wheeler | Bennett Anthony | Jacob Peterson

“I like him! I like his body…I love that he’s a little guy – toss him around a little bit.”

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BOYS SMOKING - Michael Sipos & PJ Adams PJ & Michael

Smooth Euro twink Michael lights up with buff top PJ...the two take turns swapping smoke, swapping head, and then PJ flips Michael onto his knees for a deep fuckin! He even lights a new cigarette WHILE pounding Michael's hole! These two smoke like chimneys and their smoke sex is HOT!

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AMATEUR TWINK BOYFRIENDS - Xavier Sibley Squirting Cum In The Sun

You'll be watching Xavier and wishing you were there to help him with that big uncut cock, but this boy knows how to take care of business when he's alone. He's out in the Spanish sun, enjoying the pool, and his impressive rock hard dick too as he leans back and films himself. His cock is so so hard, you can tell the handsome boy needs to cum so badly. When he finally does, you'll be amazed by the sticky mess he makes all over himself!

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