Sunday, November 26, 2017

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Lorenzo Flexx and Aleks Buldocek are airline baggage handlers and when they take it upon themselves to have a little fun going through some bags, they find a few things to make their day a little brighter. Lorenzo tries on some used underwear and Aleks finds a stash of sex toys that makes Lorenzo beg for his co-worker to shove one of the dildos up his ass. The small toy isn't enough for Lorenzo so Aleks pulls out a giant rubber dong and slips it all the way into Lorenzo's hairy bubble butt. Lorenzo wants the real thing so Aleks obliges him by standing up and slipping his extra-large cock into Lorenzo's fully stretched hole. Aleks' giant balls swing and slap on Lorenzo's fuzzy taint as Aleks drills away, keeping a steady pace to fill his buddy full. Aleks wants to see Lorenzo's face as he gets plowed, so he throws the stud on his back and keeps up his relentless fuck session. Lorenzo loves the feeling of Aleks deep inside of him and lets his inhibitions go to blow a load of spunk all over his hand. It's a thick mess and after watching Lorenzo gobble up every drop, the tatted muscle daddy sprays his giant cock all over the floor.

Actors : Aleks Buldocek, Lorenzo Flexx

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Older, muscular Daddies Hugh Hunter and Billy Santoro seek solace in each other's rock hard bodies and Hugh's massive monster cock makes hairy, hot Billy forget about the twink who broke his heart.

Actors : Billy Santoro, Hugh Hunter

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Dr. Lemec is a very unique urologist specialized in penile implant surgery. Unique because ofhis post-surgery follow-ups with his patients. Zack Lemec is very implicated in their sex lifemonths after the operations and doesn't hesitate to be part of the action to make sureeverything is alright. One day, one of his patients came back, unable to get an erection. Hetried watching muscle worship videos but nothing happened. So, after looking at the facts, Dr.Lemec suggested that this be tested concretely in his office.

Actors : Zack Lemec

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