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  • February 24, 2018

    BOYS AND THE CITY - Dan Broughton & Kenzie Mitch Kenzie Gets The Cock He Craved!

    Dan hasn't been too interested in giving Kenzie his uncut cock, until now. His friend is going away for a while and it's about time he let him have what he really wants. And boy does he want it! When Dan shows him his long intact cock Kenzie is gulping it down and getting face fucked before Dan turns his attention to that smooth and round ass. After eating him out he plunges his long dick deep in his friend, fucking him hard face-down, then on his back. Dan is sweating when he finally pulls his dick out and showers his buddy with cum, finishing his friend off with a hand job! If this is what it takes for Kenzie to get the dick he's craved for so long, he's going be saying goodbye a lot more often!

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