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  • February 11, 2018

    RusCapturedBoys - Currently in RCB Dungeon there are five captives

    The Training of Slave Petr

    RCB guys enslaved Petr quite a long time ago. Petr tried to escape from them and was severely punished by Doctor. After this Doctor has developed a special protein diet for him. Petr’s muscles became much stronger. And it's time to train him again... Petr spent two days in constant tortures tied up in shibari style. His nipples were squeezed by the clamps and chains whip was used to flog his chest and back as hard as he can take it...

    Thin Guy Anatoliy

    Anatoliy was tied to the bed frame and tortured by electricity. The sensitivity all his body parts, especially the nipples were checked out. Anatoliy's thin body was squirming of pain. Also, Anatoliy is very flexible guy and fits for any kind of stretching tortures and of course arm-twisting. Upcoming night Anatoliy will spend being in the most painful stressed position and then RCB guys would make decision on his future fate.

    New Slave Boris

    RCB Master is a true connoisseur of male beauty. However, he also knows a lot about tortures and pain. Every morning the best specimens of the new slaves are delivered to him for pleasure. Now it's Boris turn...

    A Buying of Slave Evgeniy

    Because of disobedient behavior the punishments of Slave Evgeniy were continued. But after he experienced the electric pain in the most sensitive body part he finally realized that submissiveness is his only way to avoid unbearable sufferings and deserve a mercy of his Master.

    Pizza Boy Matvey

    The next day in captivity for Matvey also didn't promise nothing good. It was the day of the corporal punishments including caning, bastinado and wax torture.

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