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  • April 7, 2018

    BOYS AND THE CITY - Ashton Bradley & Theo Cox - Fucked All Over The Room

    Theo loves to get fucked, he really gets off on a hung boy owning his ass and filling him with dick. His buddy Ashton has a perfect cock for him to ride, but not before they've spent a while slurping the precum out of each other in an amazing 69 on the floor! Ashton signals that he's eager for that hole when he starts lapping at that pale pucker, and Theo is more than happy to be stuffed with cock as his friend slides into him and proceeds to fuck him all over the room! He gets it mean and deep, pumping against his prostate and taking them both to a great climax. Theo wanks his cum out and launches a fountain of hot and thick semen from his dick, leading to Ashton drenching his back with semen too!

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