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  • April 22, 2018

    BOYS AND THE CITY - Thomas Fiaty & Yuri Adamov - Teen Boys In The Changing Room

    The changing room is always a horny place for boys like these. After drying off Thomas makes a move on his sexy friend Yuri and the Russian boy can't wait to get his mouth around his friend's long uncut cock. Their uncut teenage boners are soon glistening with spit and precum as they boys swap head, but Yuri needs more. Laying back on the bench and offering his tight hole, he soon gets every inch of Thomas' long cock deep inside him. Yuri loves the feel of that long dick slowly easing in and out as he stands to back up onto it. Thomas makes the boy squirt a big load of cum from his stiff dick before pulling out to squirt a heavy load of cream out over his friend's chest.

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