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  • July 27, 2018

    FOOT FRIENDS - Joe Tortured

    The sight of Shoeless Joe's dirty feet angers Chris, who tortures Joe as punishment for not taking care of his dogs. In the first half of these clips, Joe is tied to a chair. Chris gives his filthy feet a good scrubbing with water and a hair brush mostly: Not the best scrubber, but the most torturous. Joe is very very ticklish and you can hear him screaming and begging through the gag. He is really being tortured. For the second half, Chris pulls out itching power (crushed Rose Hips). This stuff really makes you itch, and on your feet it is excruciating. You can see the anguish in Joe's eyes. After about four minutes of agony, Chris tries to wash it off with water, but the water makes it worse, which Chris loves! The best way to remove itching powder is with oil. Take a note of that.

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