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  • November 7, 2018

    Jason Sparks Live - Logan Carter & Riley Ross BAREBACK in Atlanta Part 1

    Logan can hardly contain himself when he sees Riley's perfect bubble butt in his black jockstrap. The tall jock pulls Riley onto his bed and goes right in on his soft lips. The two passionately make out as Logan feels his buddy's tight body in his big arms. Riley rests his body on Logan's hairy, muscular chest as his dick gets harder and harder. Logan feels his erection pressing on his abs, bringing his mouth to water as he kneels down to worship Riley's beautiful cock. Things start getting intense as Logan takes Riley all the way down his throat. Seeing the handsome jock work so hard, Riley graciously returns the favor by shoving his cute, dimpled mouth on his buddy's massive meat! As much as Logan loves a solid blowjob, he sees heaven when he's tongue darting Riley's ass! Logan eats and rims Riley's backside deeply and ravenously before they fuck bareback for the first time! Watch these new, hot JasonSparksLive exclusives get more acquainted as they pound each other's prostates again and again!

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