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  • December 29, 2018

    BOYS AND THE CITY - Luke Desmond, Lloyd Adams & Jamie West Two Twinky Boys To Dominate!

    Being handsome and hunk like chav lad Luke there's no shortage of local boys who want to suck that cock and ride his meat! Sweet little lads Jamie and Lloyd are the two getting it good in the bedroom from the kinky dom in this session, chained by the neck and led into some amazing cock slurping fun. The boys are loving it, they follow orders obediently when Luke uses a double-ended dildo in their tight little holes and wanks them both. Naturally he needs to dominate them properly, giving each of those tight little butt holes his engorged cock while the slight young lads are spitroasted! They're richly rewarded for their service, with cum loads wanked out and cream splashing over them from Luke's impressive dong!

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