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  • May 8, 2019

    Cockyboys - Max Adonis & Wesley Woods RAW

    Max Adonis & Wesley Woods really like each other inside & out and see eye-to-eye on sex and yet haven't gotten together in any way...until now! Excited & turned-on from the start, they make out like honeymooners in a bubble bath but soon Wesley has his mouth on Max's cock and can't get enough. Knowing Wesley wants to be used, Max face fucks him and turns him around to aggressively eat out his ass. After spanking his ass and teasing Wes' hole with his fingers and cock, Max plunges his cock in and out and then fucks him deep and hard. Self-proclaimed "hole whisperer" Max fucks & manhandles Wesley the way he likes it, while Wesley responds working his ass on his cock. Going back and forth like this, Max reaches around to stroke Wesley and edge him. BUT before going over the edge they get out of the tub. They edge each other stroking their dicks together but Wes wants to sit on Max's cock. He rides him hard and takes Max's deep thrusts as they cut loose. This reaches full intensity as Max fucks Wesley on his back. He fucks a thick load out of him and while Wesley is still on a high, Max feeds Wesley his own cum. He soon give Wes an open-mouthed facial and Max gets his cock sucked clean. As they share a cummy kiss they couldn't be more satisfied. And we all wonder how they didn't get together before this!

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