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  • June 8, 2019

    #HungYoungBrit - πŸ†•21yr cheeky esssex Lad

    πŸ†•21yr cheeky esssex Lad 🀀gets unexpected Frozen ❄ spunk rimmed n fucked deep in his boyish arse πŸ™€ then his fucked & creampied proper ❗

    Cheeky proper little essex boy with his little swagger 😏

    his WELL SEXY with deep blue πŸ‘ looks like a proper super model

    I arranged for him that Raphael (the 10" dick one we all cummed up from grinda)

    I tell the sexy little essex chav that I've been wanking and off loading into condoms and saving them in the freezer for this other boy I'm going to be meeting soon

    He well likes the sound of that! His such a cum lover- the proper sleazyness comes out if his my and his stunning blue eyes light right got up

    I don't know how but one thing leads to another and then I'm emptying the Johhny in my mouth and rimming all my ❄ cum inside him reused πŸ”„

    The other lad Raphael, who I only met once before walks off in disgust lol

    I think he was so horrified because he asked to leave

    Guess we went a bit far 😝 (never had that before)

    Oh my god- this is the first time this has ever happened

    (the Cum FUCK I mean, not the other lad leaving)

    Fucking this 21yr bareback with cum already yet without me actually cumming IS THE BEST FEELING EVER-and it shows- me n Kia loved it

    He goes well into filthy mode,

    He jumps on my dick and ride it so hard and so fastπŸ’¨ I tell him to stop or I'm going to blow it right then but that send him into over drive n he whispers "yeah fuck got do it then, cum , cum, spunk it in my arse"

    This is one of them vids I keep watch back over n over just to hear me say that! xx George

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