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  • June 14, 2019

    JasonSparksLive - Logan Carter & Riley Ross BAREBACK in Atlanta Chapter 5

    Cast: Logan Carter, Riley Ross As soon as they start making out, Logan and Riley cannot contain their rock hard cocks. Riley's wet mouth gets right down on Logan's meat, taking it down his throat to bring a smile to his scruffy friend's face. The young jock runs his hands over his broad, full chest, teasing his nipples and feeling his excitement as his cock grows in his mouth. Logan gets on all fours, presenting his firm, full ass to his buddy, giving him the chance to make a meal of his muscle meat. Riley loves feasting on the big guy's behind, getting it wet and ready for the deep dicking he craves. Logan moans with delight as his hole relaxes, feeling the tip of Riley's tongue trade out for the top of his bare cock. Riley slides in gently, pushing past the tight sphincter, feeling Logan wrap around him completely. But once he's in, he holds on firmly to Logan's shoulders and plows him deep and hard! Logan's a big boy and can take the pounding, but knows that everything he gets from his buddy, he's going to give back in return!

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