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  • July 9, 2019

    BOYNAPPED - Sebastian Kane & Casper Ellis Using The Boys Cock & Hole Part 2

    After getting his tight and hairless little hole fisted in part one of this 4K session young Casper might have been hoping for a break, but Master Sebastian isn't done with the boy yet, not even close! He's had a bunch of candles burning away and making plenty of molten wax to use, and the boy is gonna get it! Roped down to the mattress Casper is entirely vulnerable, his perfect body ready to be used. His floppy uncut cock and balls lay motionless as a towel is placed over his handsome face. He can cry out all he likes as the painful wax pours over his smooth skin, no one can hear his muffled agony. Master Sebastian enjoys it so much, especially when the boy withes on the dirty mattress. He's not done with the twink just yet, you know the Master needs to see that load gushing before he's satisfied!

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