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  • July 26, 2019

    JalifStudio - Matt & Pedro

    Cast: Matt Surfer, Pedro Spears Matt and Pedro feel up each other's crotches, caressing their cocks and nuts as they make out. Matt runs his hands over Pedro's smooth chest, getting more and more excited as his young lover gets harder in his baggy shorts. They peel off each other's clothes piece by piece as they become more turned on by the other's eagerness and growing cocks. Matt pulls off Pedro's shorts and sucks on his cock deep, taking it to the back of his throat. Pedro returns the favor, sucking on Matt's meat and getting it hard and wet. He flips the tan man around, eating out his ass as he leans up against the wall. Once inside, Pedro plows his cock deep in Matt's ass, pounding into his prostate as the curly haired bottom takes every intense thrust.

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