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  • August 26, 2019


    Aaron Trainer is sitting in the storage room jacking off his huge cock while watching porn on his mobile phone. He is so focused on the porn that he doesn't hear Sean Harding calling his name from around the wall. Sean sees him stroking his cock and watches for a bit before Aaron notices and get's scare. He asks how long Sean has been watching and Sean says 'long enough' as he approaches Aaron eagerly and drops to his knees and starts sucking his huge cock. Aaron then bends Sean over the chair and rims his ass deep with his tongue before he stands up and drives his big cock deep into Sean's ass. After fucking Sean for a while from behind, Aaron sits in the chair and Sean climbs on top and rides his cock deep in his ass. Sean gets off when Aaron is ready to cum and drops to his knees and Aaron shoots all over his face as he shoots his load on the floor. Actors : Sean Harding, Aaron Trainer

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