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  • August 29, 2019

    ZACK RANDALL - Groovy Dave Str8 Boy Really Needs To Cum

    Groovy Dave is one of those boys who likes to jack off a lot, even when he's got some pussy on a regular basis, his long uncut cock is too demanding. We were happy to hear it, we knew he would shoot off a good load after a long session of stroking. Check him out chilling and watching some good porn while he plays with his long boner, a rigid length of hard and hot young batemeat being pumped in his hand as he changes positions to give us some interesting angles. As expected, when the boy finally can't take any more stroking his cock launches a big splashing shower of semen up his fit body, right to his shoulder! Stick around at the end for a little bit of our photo shoot, getting his long dick and hanging balls out of his shorts and posing for the guys!

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