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  • September 30, 2019

    BLAKE MASON - Mickey Taylor & Jaymie Young Mickey Returns To Get Fucked By Jaymie

    It's been far too long since we last had Mickey in the studio, but we know when we have a boy like Jaymie needing an arse to fuck he's gonna be wanting to get in there and ride it. Jaymie is real happy to have that big cock to suck on, servicing the inked lad with skill and really taking his time before Mickey demands his dick to slurp. If you know anything about Mickey you'll know he loves to suck a juicy wet dick and the way he goes at Jaymie's cock won't surprise you. Hold on to that load, though, because you're gonna want to see the way Jaymie owns that arse and gives Mickey what he came for! This boy can fuck, and after giving Mickey a ride, fucking his smooth rump from behind and plowing him missionary he's making our bottom boy spew cum up his body before Jaymie wanks off and gives his new friend a taste of his cum!

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