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  • September 17, 2019

    BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Jesse Evans Two Twink Boys In Service Part 3

    Sean has been having a great time, first using both Jesse and Casper in part one before making Casper shoot off his cream, then giving submissive twink Jesse an incredible arse fucking in part two and shooting his load all over the lad, now he just needs to make his captive boy squirt his seed too and his work will be done. You can bet it's not gonna be straightforward, and that's soon proven to be the case when Sean makes the twink stand blindfolded with his hands and feet bound. The boy's cock is soon encouraged to full hardness with Sean's experienced hands and mouth, an incredible edging that has Jesse close to unloading far too quickly. Don't worry, Sean knows what he's doing. A little break to apply a straight jacket and some repositioning for a better wank delivery and he's quickly back on that cock, incessantly rubbing the big wet length as Jesse moans and whimpers. Finally, after the most insane session of dominating sex he's ever experienced, the boy is allowed to pump his messy load from his dick, semen spewing from his swollen tip. It's no surprised Sean's big cock is hard again after that, he's probably ready to go again!

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