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  • September 25, 2019

    JalifStudio - Jimy & Emilio

    Cast: Emilio Segura, Jimy Fix Jimy and Emilio can't resist heading out into the woods on a beautiful afternoon, wanting to take in the fresh air and sense of isolation. Being around all the green nature brings out their adventurous sides, leading them to start making out beneath the forest canopy. Jimy's cock grows instantly hard in his pants, excited by the unique opportunity before them. They stand by their car and whip out their cocks, sucking each other off in the wide open space. Jim bends Emilio over the hood of his car, pulls down his shorts and shoves his hard cock between his cheeks; fucking him hard as the boy's moans are muffled by the sound of rustling trees. With no one around, they feel completely uninhibited and free to play as they like!

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