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  • September 5, 2019

    STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Blinx, Drac & Nolan Str8 Buddy Jack Off Party

    This ain't anything new to us, we know our straight boys quite well and none of them are shy about shit like jacking off. Ain't nothing gonna stop Nolan from enjoying that big batestick when he's kicking back and rubbing one out, twenty guys could be bating around him and he still wouldn't give a fuck. Blinx is the first to arrive, helping himself to a seat on the couch with his own hairy meat in his hand, soon stiff and stroking along with his buddy. Drac might have smelled the precum or something because he's soon walking in and getting his cock out too! There ain't nothing wrong with a few boys watching porn and playing with their cocks, and these guys know it, enjoying their meat together and one by one standing to spurt their cum from their dick tips. Drac is the first to unload, splashing out a big powerful mess that Nolan can't help but check out. He's next, working his massive meat and pumping his juicy reward from his shaft while Blinx gets himself closer to the finish line. He's the last to unload, working his bulbous tip to add to the stink of cum filling the room. I think we might need a few more bate parties in the future, maybe the guys will be down for that if you are?

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