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  • September 2, 2019

    TXXXMStudios - Shaun Mann, Aaron Aurora, Lex Blond, Josh Parker, Drake Law, Alex Steele, Christian Martin, Luke James & Thomas Swings Student Sex Test - Part 2

    In part one we saw what was going on with other boys but now we get t see the kind of fun fit rugby lad Alec managed to get his boys into in the other room! With a little kinky action and some working out to get the blood pumping and dicks bulging he's soon encouraging them to taste some prick and suck some hooded meat. With boners drooling and their balls filling with cum to launch he makes his lads fuck in front of him, enjoying the show and playing with his own dick while the two work up a sweat and get those jizz shots splashing! There's more to come, so stick around to see Alec take control of a couple of his best pledges.

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