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  • October 22, 2019

    BOYNAPPED - Sean Taylor & Avery Monroe Using Sweet Little Twink Avery - Part 1

    This is certainly one of those times when we don't know who is the luckier one. Sweet little red head Avery is led into the play area by dom lad Sean, his big uncut cock quickly out for the boy to suck like a good little pup. The boy is greedy, sucking toes and slurping dick and showing Sean what a good boy he is before being made to kneel on the chair. Gagged with his own damp underwear the boy is licked out, his butt spanked and a dildo jammed into his pucker, but you know it's just the start for this boy. His slutty little hole slides down when Sean demands it, the cock throbbing in his aching chute while he rides, but Sean isn't done with the toys just yet. The biggest dildo he has is soon thrust into the boy, parting his smooth cheeks for a moment before that big cock is back inside him. Sean knows how to keep a horny pup like Avery wanting more, and he's gonna get plenty in part two!

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