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  • November 16, 2019


    Ryan's day doesn't improve as he is stripped naked, bound and gagged with tape. He can't kick out at me because I've lashed his balls to his legs. It's such fun to goad this straight prick though. He tries to kick me and only succeeds in hurting his balls. Those things are turning blue which adds to his pain and my pleasure. With harsh twine I tie his knob to his neck so he can either strain to keep his head up or cause his own cock untold suffering. Such fun for us to watch him battle between the two! In this predicament the soles of his feet are temptingly exposed so you know what I'm going to do? Cane those sensitive feet so hard he's screaming the fucking place down. We all know that's what hunky straight jocks like Ryan deserve. In this exposed position there is nothing to hide his virginal anus. It is simply begging to be rogered by a broom handle with a big dildo stuck on the end of it. Crushing humiliation for a proud straight man. Tormenting this guy turns me on so much that I naturally start tenting in my pants. I can't bear to have my hardening dick restrained so I have to get it out and stick it in Ryan's tight shithole. The abject pain on his face turns me on so much I have to power fuck the twat. Bouncing off this hunk's muscular arse is what I love so much about fucking reluctant straight men. This guy deserves everything he gets from sadists like me. This video is one to savour.

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