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  • January 28, 2022

    #IslandStuds - Uncut Bearded Shaggy Kyle

    Humble Farm Boy, Pees, Opens Hairy Hole, Raging Rivers of Cum in Hawaii! Shy Shaggy Farm Boy, Kyle is an Uncut Rugged, Ripped, bearded soft spoken Ranch Hand from Wyoming with a full bush of dark masculine dick hair who poses and flexes his great pecs, biceps and washboard, 8 - pack of ab muscles, flops his beautiful uncut cowboy cock out of his sexy tight underwear, pulls and stretches his fantastic foreskin while stroking, pees, bends over repeatedly while he power washes the fence with his furry uncut dick and big balls dangling between his hairy farmer butt, accidentally shows us his manhole as his butt opens wide and giggle up and down tightening as he works, before sitting down for a long jerk off session, moans as he releases raging rivers of cum, before taking a sexy outdoor shower in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. Dirty Farm Boy Kyle's cum shot is probably the largest load of jizz ever recorded on, available now in our Members Only Area. You will be amazed as his uncut firehose sprays his juices left and right in between is powerful rancher thighs! I met this young 24 year old, 175lbs, 5'10" brushing his teeth on a remote rural road in Hawaii one sunny morning. This horny ripped cowboy has been camping with his Dad for two weeks on a bluff over looking the Pacific ocean and has now had privacy to jerk off. He immediately agreed to model for Island Studs and his kind sensitive Father dropped him off at the location the next day! Watch as this humble muscle boy peels down his sexy gray briefs, exposing his full bush of untrimmed dick hair, super furry ass and his throbbing uncut cock! What an amazing hairy butt on this Rancher from Wyoming! We get to hear Kyle talk about life on the family farm and the livestock they raise. Image watching naked Kyle riding a horse bareback in the Wyoming countryside with his dogs running with him! Soft spoken Kyle confesses to being a bit nervous at the start of the shoot, but once he is working he looses up. For the famous Island Studs' Naked Worker Series, I put Kyle to work power washing and old metal fence wearing only his work shoes. Look how he totally forgets that the camera is watching as he does his nudist chores. His uncut cock and hairy man balls dangles between his furry butt as he works! This is his very first time working naked and stroking his uncut meat for the camera. Foreskin Lovers will LOVE seeing Kyle show off his ample foreskin as he playfully stretches it out and pulls on it for all to see! This rugged, young, handsome farmer is our Wyoming Fantasy Cowboy! Look at those big dirty hands! After his nudist work session, all recorded here, Horny Kyle treats us to a long flexing and posing jerk off session seated in the tropical garden! The camera glides between his hairy, muscle thighs, as we get a great view of Kyle's ripped abs, throbbing rock hard uncut cock and furry ball sack, dangling between his exposed super hairy tight Man Hole! Sitting naked and rock hard, Kyle flexes his big biceps and poses with his impressive boner! This scruffy cowboy boy is just so HOT. Finally, Kyle releases a HUGE 2 WEEK LOAD of cum. Watch as thick stream after stream of jizz blasts from his foreskin! Raging Rivers of Sperm Flow out of this beautiful cock like a fire hose untethered. What an amazing Cum shot. Check out the smile on his face after he frees his Big Balls of all his creamy juice. His sexy shower scene is NOT TO BE MISSED! Farmer Kyle takes his time soaping EVERY part of his all natural Blue collar body and his foreskin surrounds his red hot happy cock! Watch as he bends over to clean his dirty feet in the outdoor shower, exposing his hairy ass and hole yet again! If you like ripped, scruffy, shy cowboys with a tight lean body, an amazing furry butt and a rock hard uncut belly slapper, Horny Kyle will excite you! Check out the entire Island Studs Class of sexy young blue collar farm workers and farmer Twinks and Daddies jerking off and pissing in the! Join Today for Unlimited Streaming and Unlimited Downloads in our Members Only Area! Instant Access Now.

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