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  • February 5, 2023

    #JockPussy - Luke Hudson & Eddie Danger Chapter 1

    Eddie Danger wants two things right away—to kiss FTM wet dream Luke Hudson's sweet mouth and stroke that irresistible T-dick. Luckily, Luke is all for it; he quickly grabs onto Eddie's huge, thick cock and worships it. That's no small feat, considering how girthy the dude's jock cock is! Eddie's super macho physique drives the athletic FTM twink absolutely wild. Eddie enjoys the sensations of Luke's tongue and lips expertly sucking his swollen hardon. However, Eddie's mouth can only withstand so much before it wants a turn too. The masculine hunk goes to town on Luke's bonus hole, pushing his tongue as far in as it can go, coating the sensitive insides with saliva. Once Eddie has gotten Luke's opening soaking wet, he sinks his aching cock into the extra entrance as far in as it can go–to Luke's sheer delight! Luke grips the bed sheets and takes the super-charged pounding like a champ, savoring every thrust and moan escaping Eddie's throat. Both hot studs can feel their orgasms quickly approaching. As Eddie buries his cock one last time deep inside Luke's hole, both erupt. Eddie launches blast after blast of hot, thick semen into Luke as the lucky bottom-boy sighs and milks every last drop.

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