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  • December 2, 2023

    TRANSCEST STORY: The St. Michael Family TAPE 3: Black Friday

    Black Friday holiday shopping complete, Mr. St. Michael and his young stepson Noah find themselves all alone together for the first time in weeks! Noah gives his smiling stepdad a curious look. Do they have time to mess around? The happy Daddy winked and then kissed the boy... Mr. St. Michael ran his hands and fingers up inside Noah's wool shirt. The Daddy adored how incredibly smooth the twink's chest and abs were, and Mr. St Michael found himself rock-hard in an instant. He assured Noah that the only place available to do it was the dining room table just a few feet away. He gave his stepson a warm smile and gently patted the table top. The shuddering gasp and resounding groan of intense pleasure that rocked Noah's sexy body when Mr. St. Michael penetrated was just a sampling of the sounds the boy would soon make. After weeks of pent-up animal craving, angsty need, and repressed passion, there was nothing stopping them now from simply letting go and giving this all that they had. While Mr. St. Michael worked his way deeper and deeper inside of the young man's love-chute, somehow the grip Noah's boypussy had on the DILF's swollen penis got tighter. Noah found himself perched onto the back of one of the dining room chairs. Before he could catch his breath and push his ass all the way back, his stepdad was already more than half way back inside...

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